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I'm not sure if you guys know that when I was in high school. I was the captain of my cheerleading team so I'm a pretty flexible young lady. In this video I show you some of my cheerleading moves along with alot of other hot moves. It was such a hot day and I was feeling so horny. Ever want to watch a naughty cheerleader do her thing.. well here's your chance!

I decided to stay indoors today and test out this new toy I bought. Its a pink ducky thats does more than look cute. The girl at the store told me that this ducky has special skills that will make any girl have an orgasm. Honestly I didn't believe her at first but when I got home and tryed this cutie out.. man was she ever right!


Today I'm wearing my bright read Go Tech tshirt, I'm not really a fan but a friend gave me the shirt so I thought I'd wear it. Not sure if you know this but I love ice cream so I couldn't resist eating some during this video.. It was hard as a rock.. not complaining because normaly I like it when things are hard. Man these sweets are making me so horny!

Today was such a beautiful day outside that I decided to spend my free day outside by the swimming pool. A friend of mine brought me over a sweet treat that was shaped like a penis..haha! There is only one thing I love more than sweets and thats masturbating. Wait till you see what I do in this video. Its amazing!


Did you guys vote in the last elections. I did and I bought this cool tshirt to show my support. I was spending the afternoon out by the park... it was such a beautiful day and I was feeling daring so I decided to take a chance and masturbate out in public on this picnic table. It was very exciting and honestly I didn't care if anyone saw me. Its all good!

Today was a typical day and I was alone in the house. I don't know if you guys know this but us girls love masturbating in the bathroom. Not sure why.. lol but we do. I had just gotten this brand new pink vibrator and I wanted to test it out.. The only thing I can say is man that is one powerful little pink toy.. what a rush!


I was visting a friend today and he was trying to teach me how to shoot pool. Now mind you I haven't played much so I'm not very good but I did give it my best shot. It didn't matter if I was good or bad cause I was wearing this real tight short skirt and I think the cameraman was getting turned on. I know I was getting excited.. just glad I brought along my purple friend!

Where I live it gets very hot in the summer so most days when I'm not busy I love to put on my bikini and spend the day poolside. Today I'm wearing my cute pink and white bikini and guess what else I have that is pink and white?? Any guesses... Its my pink and white Vibrator. Now I'm ready for this pool party and your all invited!


I spend the entire afternoon working out at the gym and I was feeling alittle tired. So I decided to relax on the sofa but as I was sitting there I began to get I'm not sure if all that jumping around at the gym got me all worked up but I could feel my pussy was getting wet. So I began to touch myself inside my sweatpants.. next thing you know I'm completely naked and working that purple vibrator.. Wow I need to workout more often.

There is nothing I love more than taking a bath. Ok let me correct that.. there is nothing I love more than the feeling I get from running water on my pussy. It's an amazing feeling that is hard to put into words but there I was nude and bathing myself and before I knew it I was getting so worked up that I had to pause the bath and masturbate with my toy. Care to join me in the tub?

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